I have an annoying and expensive problem with my CPAP. I have an AirSense 10, and I started out with nose pillows, which worked well right after i put in a new seal. However, I found that after only a few days they started becoming unusable. I would get less and less time every night, and after only 3-4 days, I would be lucky to get 2 hours a night out of them. I believe the problem is that they start leaking air and that wakes me up enough and causes me to remove the mask. I often don’t remember doing so.
I later switched to a Fisher & Paykel mask, and got a good week of sleep out of that. However, after a while, the same pattern started to emerge again. They work well the first 2 or 3 nights, but then they’re almost unusable.
I was them every morning with bar or liquid soap. I wondered if that might be the problem? Anyone else find a solution to this?

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