I’ve had my machine for about 11 days now.

I was just playing with the temp settings as last night I had pretty bad rain out. I had it set to 23C. I’ve lowered it to 22 as it’s pretty cool in my room as is, but might raise back to 23 as the cooler air stuffs up my nose.

Anyway, while changing temps, I noticed that the mask setting on my Resmed Air Elite was set to full mask, but I have a nasal mask. I’ve changed it to nasal mask now, but wondering what changes this setting makes.

Aside: First few days have been great! Full night’s sleep and feeling refreshed in morning. Past 5 days I’ve been taking my mask or tube out without me even realizing it. Anyone experience this? I wake up and put it back on no problem and fall back asleep.

TLDR: mask setting on machine was set to Full Mask, I changed it to Nasal mask as this is what I have…what changes does this make to machine if any?

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