Hello everybody! So for years I struggled with mask hair because every mask I was using would leave a line going across my head seemingly damaging my hair. I’ve seen several posts asking how to fix “Mask Hair” issues here and in other forums. I figure I would share my solution. I’ve tried a lot of things over the years. Once long ago I worked for as website design/sales for medical supply companies and got to try all kinds of setups by attending the medical equipment conventions… At the time no good solution was ever found.

Here’s the solution I’ve been using for several months (nearly a year) now:

First off, I use a nasal mask but I think this trick can work for other masks as well. Second, I sleep with an eye mask. My wife likes to turn in the lights when I’m asleep so I got into that habit. (These can be life saver to help with better sleep when different schedules are in play)

The best mask I’ve been able to find is the Swift FX Bella. It loops around your ears instead of your full head. This doesn’t always leave it with a great seal and sometimes it can hurt behind your ears in the morning (latched too tight or shifted). Still it leaves your hair alone. I like this mask more than the couple dozen or so I’ve tried… But it’s still not perfect.

Instead of looping the cpap mask to my ears, I loop it around my sleep mask, pinning it in place. My sleep mask is a soft fabric and doesn’t do anything to my hair. When pinned in place it provides enough tension (better than normal) to keep a good seal all night. I wake up without lines on my face or through my hair.

I suspect a full face mask could be modified similarly to avoid the straps having to actually be used. I kind of wish these cpap masks used a soft wide fabric like the sleep masks I use. If there’s some New mask out there that solves this issue let me know.

Got your own trick for comfort and use? Feel free to share it.

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