Hey guys. So ever since I bought my CPAP and mask, it always smelled weird when I first put it on before sleeping. I called the clinic where I bought it from and they told me it’s because it’s brand new and to call them again in a few months if it persists. Smell became worse and it’s really awful. Called again and they took my machine and cleaned it thoroughly and sanitized it. Smell is still there, it led me to conclude that it’s the mask. If I smell the machine when it’s operating without the mask (only the tube) it smells nothing. So has anyone experienced this? I clean my mask and tubing once a week with some soft soap, I even submerge my mask in warm water and soap for 30 mins before softly brushing every part of it, rinse it and let it air dry the whole day. I am using a nasal pillow mask if that matters. Oh and before sleeping, I let the machine on for couple of minutes to let air go through the mask to clear up the smell but it will still smell really bad… Couple of minutes after I put my mask on, I don’t smell it anymore as I get used to the smell and I fall asleep but between the time I put the mask and get used to the smell, I gotta suffer really bad… Any ideas would be helpful, thank you!

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