Just did an in home sleep study with Cleveland Medical ( https://clevemed.com/ ) that will be submitted to my sleep doctor (pulmonologist I think… everything has been telemedicine/remote since COVID). Had chest strap/effort, pulse ox and a nasal/oral cannula.

I’m wondering if anyone here has navigated medi-cal / low income coverage for sleep apnea devices in CA and could share their experiences. I’m very likely going to get a sleep apnea diagnosis between my weight(near 400lbs), symptoms and the fact I’m on methadone (low dose and getting lower).. quite likely just the obstructive type but perhaps complex.

I’m still early in my journey and am under the impression that some kind of device can be sent to me without ever setting foot in a sleep lab or even a doctors office (b/c telemedicine with COVID). Just wondering what others with this relatively unique situation (medi-cal) can expect. My bar is pretty low but I’m in a county with a pretty robust system (San Mateo) that makes me think they may treat me well.

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