Hi guys, so I’ve had bad brain fog and anxiety for the past year. PCP treated it with ssri and said the fog was part of anxiety. I did have a at home sleep study done which came back with an ahi of 10.2.

So I started seeing a therapist to see what the fog could be from. He thinks it could be a sleep issue and wants me to look more into the sleep apnea possibly doing an overnight study. My question is can an ahi of 10.2 cause brain fog?

I guess the best way to describe it is feeling like I’m walking thru a daze, it’s hard to concentrate on anything around me and I feel off balance. (This is what leads to anxiety as it’s hard to focus on anything so any weird feeling in my body causes panic) Kinda feels like if you’ve ever run on no sleep how everything around you feels groggy. But without the feeling that you could fall asleep at any minute.

Does that sound like apnea to y’all?

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