I know this question gets asked often. I’ve read through most of the relevant threads on here on this topic but thought I would ask you all your thoughts on my particular situation.

6’2″ Male, 240 lbs. High blood pressure. I don’t get a ton of sleep generally (around 6 hours a night), which might explain some of my general fatigue. General symptoms: some snoring as reported by girlfriend; have woken up gasping for air (also reported by girlfriend); generally don’t feel super refreshed; often fall asleep while watching TV, etc.

Did a home sleep study. Had the following results:

SUMMARY: The patient had 28 apneas, there are 12 obstructive, 0 unclassified, 16 central and 0 mixed apneas; and 39 hypopneas for a combined apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) of 12.4 respiratory events per hour. There were 57 snoring events recorded.

OXYGENATION: The patients average oxygen saturation was 97, and the lowest saturation was 82%. There were 5 minutes (2%) below 90% saturation. There were 1 minutes (0%) below 85% saturation.

PULSE RATE: The patient had a minimum heart rate of 51 beats/minute, a maximum heart rate of 90 beats/minute; and an average heart rate of 62 beats/minute.

Also, according to my results, I had 12 obstructive apneas and 16 central apneas. Does the fact that there are central apneas change any of this? Sorry for the barrage of questions. Thanks for any help.

I did this study through cpap.com and am considering buying a CPAP device through them (unless you guys know a better site?). I’m overwhelmed by the number of options, hence my post. I’ve read on here that for those with some central sleep apnea, ASV may work better? My prescription says I need an AutoPAP with pressure set to between 4 and 20. Does this make sense to you all? I ask because it says nothing of ASV, maybe cause my central sleep apnea isn’t that big a deal? I’m just sort of lost.

I’m also wondering about the types of masks. I’m a very “uncomfortable” sleeper so I know having something huge and bulky may really not be great for me. Any help you all can provide would be very helpful. Thank you.

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