I was diagnosed with mild OSA (AHI was 12, O2 never below 93%), and my dr said I could use either an oral appliance or a CPAP. I was going to go with an oral appliance, but after lurking here, decided to go with the CPAP. Well I’m 5 days in, and absolutely cannot sleep with it on. My doctor prescribed me sleeping pills for the transition period… still can’t sleep. My anxiety skyrockets and I feel claustrophobic as soon as I put it on.

I got a sleep study done because I had crazy daytime sleepiness. I want to treat the OSA if it means I might feel better, but I’m kind of at a loss. Do I keep trying the CPAP? Try an oral appliance? Is it even worth treating mild sleep apnea? I’m not sure that mild apnea could be causing the level of daytime sleepiness I’m experiencing. I do have an appt with an ENT in a few weeks… my OSA is caused by a (genetic) narrow airway.

Please share your experience/advice! Thank you!

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