I was recently diagnosed with mild sleep apnea based on a home sleep study. The sleep study had a strap around my chest, a nasal cannula, and a pulse ox monitor. My AHI was listed as 6.1.

My symptoms include feeling sleepy during the day, unrefreshing sleep, low mood, and concentration issues. I also grind my teeth while sleeping and need a lot of sleep to feel relatively normal. I need to sleep around 10 hours to feel rested. I am usually in bed for 11 hours each night to achieve this.

I don’t fall asleep during any of the activities on the sleepiness scale, but I will feel very tired during many of them.

My sleep specialist did a call follow up and very quickly ran through the options of a mandibular device, position changes, and then moved quickly to CPAP. I felt rushed and like she didn’t explain things very well.

Since my AHI is only 6.1, which from my understanding is extremely mild, is it even worth it to go through trying CPAP?

Has anyone here had such a low AHI, tried CPAP, and felt better?

My head is spinning with all of the information out there. I wish my doc would have been better at walking me through all of this.

Thank you in advance for any help you can send my way!

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