Hi all, i am 19M and 58kg (BMI 19). i went for a sleep study recently as i have been feeling quite fatigued and the result was AHI 9.7, RDI also 9.7. (No RERAs). I do not snore and i have around 5 oxygen desats per hour to minimum 90%.

From what i have seen, mild sleep apnea does not seem to be affecting people’s lives much but i feel that this affects me a lot as i feel very fatigued throughout the day. I never feeling refreshed when I wake up. I always feel so tired that the feeling manifests as a mental fog in my head, and forcing myself to yawn sometimes makes that feel better. If i do not take a break and lie down every now and then, then i won’t be able to yawn and the mental fog would get worse and i would feel like crap. I don’t think this is common in people with mild sleep apnea.

I did a surgery for turbinate reduction and septoplasty 3 months ago as i could hardly breathe from my nose (always blocked nose).

I am still able to do basic tasks like chores, but this fatigue affects me really badly. I can’t be bothered to socialise as it is too tiring for me and i can only hold basic conversation when i’m tired(very literal and i can’t get myself to joke) . Studying is also a pain as it is hard for me to retain things that i learnt.

I will see my doctor for the follow up in around two weeks. I would like to have some insights about this from you guys. Thanks

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