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Mild sleep apnea – iDunmed

Was recently diagnosed with mild sleep apnea (ahi of 12 and 90 snoring episodes) at first I did what I was recommended and slept with a backpack to only sleep on my side. It was fantastic now I’m less tired ans have a way better memory as well as concentration.

The thing is I am still tired, though less, and I struggle to keep sleeping during rem. In my country public insurance will not pay any treatment for an ahi below 15. So now I am trying this kind of mouthpiece I found on amazon:

As well as a chin strap:

The first night was mixed, it was horrible because I woke up multiple times, the strap kept getting off and the mouth piece had an horrible plastic taste.

But inspite all the times I woke up I’m as tired as yesterday.

Besides I wonder if it’s really worth going farther than the backpack since according to the sleep study I have an ahi of 5-6 on my side (I don’t know how that works is it safe to say it is my new ahi?).

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