I posted this in one of the other threads here today, but this is important enough that it probably deserves its own posting.

Many of you may have heard that MMA has some crazy “success rate” numbers in terms of “curing” sleep apnea. Maybe 85%, 90%, or even 95%. I know I’ve heard these numbers when I’ve spoken with oral surgeons.

What isn’t really mentioned, however, is that your definition of “success” might be very different than your oral surgeon’s. Your definition of success is … most likely … no more CPAP! However, your surgeon might be defining “success” as just cutting your AHI in half.

In this study – which had doctors participating from Stanford – it was found that true success (as in AHI<5) was only found in 38.5% of patients, across a pool of about 500 MMA procedures performed.

Something to ponder, if you were thinking about jaw surgery.


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