I’m a 57F BMI 26 and was recently diagnosed with mild sleep apnea (AHI 7.1), lowest Sa02 89. I have had insomnia and daytime fatigue since my early teens. According to my husband I snore occasionally and lightly. I was referred to a sleep doctor mainly because of worsening insomnia and waking up repeatedly with adrenaline surges, and also some metabolic issues (borderline diabetes, high lipids). I was surprised to learn that I have both OSA and CSA and will start CPAP Monday. My concern is that on my sleep study I had 132 arousals in 5 hours of sleep (90 due to RERA), only 4% REM, 5% deep sleep, very long sleep latency, very, very long REM latency, etc- basically truly f’ed up sleep architecture. Doctor states he’s mainly treating my mild case because of this aspect. I am not opposed to CPAP, but I am more concerned with my horrible sleep patterns. Is CPAP going to help this?

TL;DR mild sleep apnea but terrible sleep architecture. Is CPAP the solution?

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