So far 3 weeks in on APAP I’m losing all of my afternoon fatigue. I dropped caffeine for past few months due to increased anxiety and before APAP I couldn’t stay awake from noon to 4-5pm without caffeine.

I’m getting about 8-9 hours sleep each night and staying under 2 AHI. I had been diagnosed with 9.2 mild sleep apnea.

It’s weird though because I am noticing mornings are more generally feeling out of it and down, more fatigued and yawning but come lunch time and onward it’s very upbeat, motivated and energized. However, I don’t struggle to get out of bed. So odd, but I can’t help but feel good about these benefits so far. Night time I still have some grouchiness and agitation as I get tired but I’m hoping for improvement there.

Anyone else have similar? Is this just because I’m making up big time for sleep debt?

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