Edit: dang it, too*…I didn’t get much sleep last night. lol.

So I went and did a sleep test, results came back as moderate sleep apnea with an average of 22 apnea events per hour and my oxygen went down to 77. I went to my doctor today to get a prescription for CPAP and he made me feel like it wasn’t really a big deal and he told me I wouldn’t experience any health issues if I chose not to treat it.

Has this been the case for any of you? If you have moderate sleep apnea, did getting treatment increase your quality of life?

As it is right now I often feel like I’m in a fog, I’m forgetful and I don’t have a great attention span. I wake up feeling like I really want to take some deep breaths because I feel like I’ve been breathing shallow all night. I often wake up with a dry mouth from snoring, my boyfriend has complained about my snoring too. I never really feel refreshed after sleeping and even after a solid 8 hours, I am yawning all day long at work. I’m just…always tired.

I’m curious what your experience has been with treatment if you have only moderate sleep apnea, and if you feel my doctor’s opinion had any merit. My understanding was that having sleep apnea in general puts you at higher risk for heart attack or stroke. Is that true even when it’s not severe?

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