Well I did a sleep study, had to go in twice. AHI 45, O2 dropped to 87 I believe. 33 male, average shape, thick neck, narrow throat as told by my doctor.

I’m a mouth breather so I’m rocking the resmed F20 mask with an airsense 10 autoset, heated tube, the works. Was cheaper to buy all that outright than go through my insurance, even with my full deductible and out of pocket max completed.

Well first thing, I thought I filled the res full of distilled water but it was empty when I woke up and had a hell of a dry mouth. Which is ironic because I woke up a couple of times with drool on my lips inside the mask. Trying to clear that up without waking the wife up with the sounds of depressurizing the space suit was a task.

I slept somewhat ok, the mask pressure test mode is nuts on this machine, I don’t remember having to strap this thing on so tight for my sleep study. Overall I wore it from 9pm to 5:30am and had a score of 3 AHI in the morning. Looks like it sealed through the night too.

I’m sure it will get easier with time. Now I just need to find the rhythm of wearing the mask, cleaning everything, getting into a comfy position since I’m a side sleeper. I definitely need to tweak the settings, the auto ramp is slow, getting into bed at first it feels like I don’t have enough pressure.

Overall I’d rate it a 6.5/10 in terms of my sleep, I’ve had worse sleep without putting on a snorkel in bed.

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