It said that I had less than 5 apnea’s throughout the night, and on top of that my ent said that the doctor that did those tests diagnoses sleep apnea rather liberally. But jaws look underdeveloped, and during the day I have to maintain forward head posture to keep my airways open. I’m 17 and my grades have been tanking, due to constant fatigue, depression, and anxiety. When I was in middle school and a freshman, I had symptoms resembling adhd, and I ran XC and track to concentrate and blow off steam, but I just don’t have the energy anymore. I’m in so much anguish, and I think sleep apnea is the cause, but my mom has to work and cpap machines are expensive, and I only have 600 dollars. Is it possible I have sleep apnea despite tests? How accurate are polysomnographs?

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