Hi !

I’ve been on CPAP (Dreamstation) for my severe sleep apnea for six months and it’s been fantastic ever since. No sleeping during the day, no headaches, way easier to get up in the morning, 10 hours of sleep instead of 16…

But two weeks ago, I had to change my nasal mask because the previous one was leaking. An agent came to my appartment and changed it. He also put a new SD card inside the machine because he took the previous one with him a few months ago and forgot to put it back. He didn’t set it up on his tablet and said he didn’t need to.

Now my symptoms are coming back at full power. Headaches and constant yawning every day, too much sleep, really hard to get up, too much sleep… I’m a zombie again and I didn’t realize until now that it happened after the agent came.

I checked the machine and apneas per hour didn’t change, still between 3 and 8 which is normal for me. I did every check test available on it. The pressure hasn’t changed and the nasal mask doesn’t seem to be leaking. I don’t think the settings have changed.

It’s sunday so I don’t think I’ll be able to contact the provider for a few days (not sure if the medical companies are open on sunday and monday in France), do you think there is something I can do on my own ? Or that I can check myself right now to give info to the agent ?

Thanks in advance !

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