So I’ve had my cpap for about 5 days now. I work graveyard so I sleep from about 6-2 everyday. First, my cpap says I only have 4:07 usage hours, what happened to the other 4 hours I was asleep? Second, the myair app is combining sleep from the day before with part of my sleep the day of so when I first get up it gives me a high score, then when it updates it says I only slept for like 3 hours and gives me a low score. I don’t care about the score, but inaccurate data irritates the hell out of me.

Also, I have the nasal mask and it seems to be rubbing raw the top of my nose as well as between my lip and nose. Should I switch to the full mask? Or wait it out?

Update: called ResMed. The machine switches days at 12pm so anything recorded before that goes onto the day before. They say there is no way to change this. Basically, for me, it makes the app useless for daily tracking.

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