I started cpap about a month ago, but it hasn’t really done anything for my daytime sleepiness. What does seem to help at least a little is a brief nap, so I’ve been taking half my lunch break to shut my office door, put my head down on my desk and sleep. The person I share my office with is aware and she’s usually out for lunch at this time. My management is aware I’ve been having sleeping problems, but maybe not specifically of these naps, but they are on my lunch break so it’s my own time. I don’t drive or have a car to sleep in at lunch, so it’s really my only option that isn’t falling asleep at my desk periodically throughout the day when I’m supposed to be working.

But today, the owner of the company walked into my office at lunch while I was sleeping and had the lights out. We had an awkward conversation about it being a medical issue, but now I’m worried he’s seeing me as a lazy slacker. It was so embarrassing! Anyone else had something like this happen?

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