Does anyone else have issues with nasal congestion?

I do, and it renders my CPAP largely ineffective. I’ve tried Breathe Right strips and nasal sprays, but I’m still exhausted all the time and it negatively affects every part of my life. I even had my nasal turbinate reduced, without results. I’m also overweight, which doesn’t help. I’ve lost 8 pounds and then reached a plateau — as some of you probably know, it’s difficult to lose weight when you have sleep apnea, since losing sleep can increase your appetite.

I have about 20 or so pounds to go before I can see any results. My next step is taking an allergy test. It’s just so discouraging…I have trouble concentrating at work, my apt is a mess and I don’t eat well b/c I don’t have the energy for any kind of food prep. Anyway, posting in this in case someone else can relate.

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