This is a challenge….

The woman in question has had a stroke and has mental deficits. Similar to early dementia, but not. Due to the stroke she only has use one one side of her body. Requires 24/7 care (me). She lives with my significant other and I, not in a nursing home. Usually we have help come to the house, but right now, it’s just me. SO is working, so the woman and I are currently isolated from EVERYONE.

She received the machine (philips dreamstation respironics) last December, originally got fit for the airfit f20 mask with a pressure of 12cmH2O. Since then, we’ve had to reduce it to 9cmH2O because it felt like it was sucking the life out of her. We’ve also changed mask to the airfit f30. It works a little better, but still uncomfortable and not sleeping well through the night.

I’ve recently able to get her to sleep without tearing it off every night, but it leaks into her eyes whenever she adjusts her head. The last mask leaked as well, but louder and on the side of face. She sleeps on her back and never remembers to hit ramp. I’ve tried a comfort sleeve recently, and well, that has made the leaking worse

All in all, I’d appreciate any advice to help stop leaking with simple head movements if you’ve got them. In the end, it’s two of us losing sleep. I wake up due to the leaking. Lack of sleep means I sleepwalk which is a scary thought, so… any thoughts?

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