So I’m almost positive I have sleep apnea but I also have a mental health condition. A little while ago I finally got a referral to see a specialist at the hospital (public health) about it and it was a terrible experience. I did a breathing test first because it was a respiratory specialist and the person conducting the test was incredibly rude and obnoxious about it, and then when I saw the respiratory doctor after a very long wait to see them, it was an incredibly horrible experience. They basically chastised me for wasting their time making an appointment to see them, didn’t allow me to tell them what issues I was having and laughed in my face when I tried to begin to list the symptoms, and then when I tried to answer if I was on medication for anything and what other conditions I had, they started mocking me for stating I had a mental health condition and then tried to deny I did (based on nothing) and it turned into me trying to ‘prove’ I wasn’t making it up (despite the fact that I had been admitted to the same hospital for the condition just weeks prior…) and then that the medication I was on was prescribed for the condition, since he refused to believe that it was for some reason. Finally when it got back to my concern about sleep apnea, he took a phone call in front of me and told me to stop talking, and started talking on the phone in detail about a different patient, mentioning them by name and detailing their medical conditions… After this, he asked if I wanted to go to a sleep clinic for tests and offered to fill out the form so that it would be approved and tried to convince me to go to a private sleep clinic out of pocket, that happened to be run by a family-in-law member. I told him I couldn’t afford a private option and he said he would send off a form for approval to a public clinic that would take me about 3 hours to travel to (and it is an overnight study). I left and was so uncomfortable about the whole experience that I didn’t want to see that doctor again and didn’t follow it up, then the covid stuff happened.

My dilemma is, I have no other option but to use this doctor who I an just totally disgusted by, and even if I did the study and everything I have no idea how I’d afford a sleeping oxygen mask thing anyway. I can’t pay out of pocket for a private doctor instead because I am poor, on disability payments. So any advice as to what to do from here because I am struggling with sleep apnea related issues every day…

Thanks for reading.

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