Hi, I always had some issues with sleep, but about 16 years ago I had a minor TBI- I was able to drive home shortly after. That night was the worst night sleep of my life, and I’ve never been the same since. Constant brain fog, horrible memory problems and bad days I can barely form a sentence. I had to take a medical deferment from college and haven’t been able to go back.

It’s not until late evening that I finally feel awake, if at all. I developed TMJ and had a custom mouthguard. Every day is like how most people experience the first minute after waking up, but it’s all day, everyday.

My girlfriend said that I constantly stopped breathing and would gasp for air. I finally had an at home sleep study 2 years ago, it was the headband-type with a forehead pulse ox and nasal cranula. My neurologist told me the results didn’t show anything.

After reading this sub and seeing that most of you have symptoms that mirror mine even when the sleep study “didn’t show anything” I requested my study results including the analysis: https://ibb.co/album/f443Qn

Main stats:

Sleep time: 7:45

Total oxygen desaturations: 24

Oxygen hit a brief low of 89%

RDI: 8.5

REM-RDI: 18.6

AHI: 3.1

I appreciate any insights and glad I found this sub!

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