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I need help/advice.

A little bit about me, I have been a very loud snorer for over 7 years but I suspect my sleep apnea issue started in my early 20s. Reason why I came to suspect that I have sleep apnea was after getting married. My wife would notice that I stop breathing for prolong periods of time while I was asleep. Initially, I overlooked it, thinking it may be a coincidence. However, my wife started seeing this more and more as the time went by. It wasn’t until a few months into this lockdown that I noticed I am waking up with extremely bad headaches and body pain, I have had those for as long as I can remember but these were on an entirely different level. I have always felt sleepy during the day, I would go to work and just 2-3 hours later I would start feeling sleepy and just unable to concentrate, I would have to load up on coffee, splash cold water on my face and take brisk walks to wake myself up. My weekends were always fairly lazy, I would sleep 7 – 8 hours wake up, have breakfast and then sleep for another 2 -3 hours. During this lockdown I took a few days off to take care of personal things, I would wake up at 7am (after a 7 – 7.5 hour sleep), drop my wife to work come back home thinking I’ll take care of my “to-do” list instead I would end up falling a sleep for 5 – 6 hours. This is when I really started to get worried, looked in to sleep disorders and found out how all of these things are connected.

I got my sleep study done in December and found out that I have an AHI of 67. My sleep doctor suggested that I go on AutoPAP for a few weeks before they set me up with permanent CPAP machine. My first night was really good, I slept about 6.5 hours and woke up without my usual headaches/body pains. I searched around the web and found out that reducing body fat helps with sleep apnea, bought a spin bike and have been on a decent exercise regiment (20 minute calisthenics followed by 45 minutes steady state cardio everyday). First three nights were really good and my day went by without any issues. However, from the fourth night I am finding that I wake up multiple time (at least 3 time) at night, when I finally get out of bed I feel refreshed (still no headaches or body pains) but start feeling sleepy in the afternoon (along with brain fog).

It has been about 3 weeks on the AutoPAP machine and 2 weeks exercising. I am of the opinion that my sleep interruptions are causing my day time sleepiness. Has anyone here experienced something like this? if so, how did you overcome it.

Looking for any advise as my sleep issue is causing serious problems for me on a professional level.

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