Hello everybody so i just kinda need advice on my situation

uhh so ive been having trouble sleeping for the last 6 months, while sleeping after 5 hours or so i would just suddenly wake with rapid heart beats and heartburn

my doctor gave me some sleeping pills tried zoldem and seroquel zoldem 5 mg worked for the first few weeks but it lost its effect after that and then seroquel worked but again it lost its effect after a few weeks so since i did not know about sleep apnea yet i just thought it might be just insomnia really but i noticed that the medicine that ive been given were really not working on me and that there could be something more to this. ive tried everything, ive tried sleep restriciton , proper sleep hygiene and so on and so forth.

the reason why i dont have a CPAP yet is because i could not get a sleep study done and now with the pandemic and everything i dont know when i can get one done

so my question is how long can someone with Sleep Apnea survive or at least not suffer long term health consequences? would i last until the end of the pandemic?

thanks for reading.

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