Hello My fellow sleep apnea friends-

I need some help and advice about my improving my cpap experience-

Bit of background- I am 33yr F and I was diagnosed 2019, and have been using my Resmed Airsense 10 for almost two full years. I’ve used the same nasal mask the whole time…the Airfit N20.

It’s been fine…but honestly I think I need something else. I feel like the headgear gets so loose and the straps are tightened to their limit and I’ve always had the nagging sense that I’m not getting as much airflow as I need. With my nose shape my nostrils point down and the angle just doesn’t line up right with the incoming air.

I’m thinking a nasal pillow might be worth a try, but what would be the easiest way to go about it? To go through the doc and ordering process I’m sure would take forever!

Honestly, I’ve been ordering my replacement supplies via Amazon for awhile…just want to get the best stuff…

Last thing too…I still very much struggle with day time sleepiness and fatigue…trying to figure out whether to make an appt with the doctor about it.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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