Hello, I recently started using APAP (about 6 weeks ago) and have not been having much success. Long story short, I felt daytime fatigue and brain fog and got an at home sleep study. It showed that I had about 15 obstructive events per hour, most of which were central. I have been using the APAP trial and on a normal day my AHI is anywhere between 4-10, usually in the ~7 range.

I don’t feel any improvement, and am worried about the fact that most of my events are central (90% or more). I did some digging, and it appears that my centrals are “post arousal” or “sleep wake junk”. Here is an example of what most look like


Does anyone have any insight or advice into what may be the case here? I’m a healthy young male (low BMI) who doesn’t have any neurological or cardiovascular issues. My clinician has stated that my average indices are quite low and there isn’t a need for bipap/ASV.


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