Hi. Recently diagnosed. Reading other threads, I’m really grateful to be in the UK, with our amazing NHS. A friend who’d heard me sleeping (who also has sleep apnea) nagged me for years to get a sleep study. Finally did it. 71.5 episodes/hr sats at 70/80%. That scared the shit out of me. I had no choice. Had the apap machine 3 weeks. It’s been fine. Gets claustrophobic at times but I just take it off briefly if I need to. It’s quite tight to avoid high pressure air leaks. It takes me ages sometimes to get it comfortable. I listen to a book falling asleep so I’m distracted. I have a glass of water with a straw so if I need to drink I don’t need to take the mask off, I just unclip the hose! 😂 At first I’d manage 3 or 4 hrs and take it off in the early hours in my sleep but now I’m managing 8 hours of solid sleep.

I fell asleep without it last night and today I feel absolutely dreadful!!! My hair is badly matted on the back of my head, indicates I’ve probably been thrashing around, struggling to breathe. I’m not doing that again, ever. So relieved I finally did it. I’m finally getting better quality restorative sleep with stable oxygen levels. My episodes have dropped to 3. It’s an incredible piece of kit. I’d recommend anyone who has the opportunity to try it, just definitely give it a go. ☺️

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