Hi everyone!

I just got diagnosed with OSA and got my APAP device (a ResMed AirSense 10). The doctor recommended the Auto setting with a range of 4-20 cm.

I began using it in the evening while watching tv and playing videogames to try and get used to it. It was fine for a little while until I felt I began to feel a little dizzy. I checked my blood oxygen saturation level and it had dropped to 80% while I was awake on the machine. The pressure was around 12 at that point. I took the mask off and within 30-60 seconds my oxygen saturation jumped back again to 97.

I don’t have low oxygen issues while I’m awake, I am typically within the 95-99 range. I got an oximeter a few months back because I thought I had Covid (but I didn’t) but I’ve used it since to monitor levels during the day and at night when I get woken up by my apnea.

When I tried to sleep with the machine, the same thing happened. Check O2 levels while I was feeling sleepy and sure enough, they had dropped int o the low 80s. I did notice my breathing becomes a little weaker when I am falling asleep. The machine seems to set it self between 12 and 14 after a few mins.

Any ideas of what could be happening?

Could the pressure be too high that I am re-inhaling my own CO2? I don’t know if that’s even a thing.

I spoke to PA at the sleep study center and she was not very helpful frankly She said just to give it more tries to get used to it and that the low O2 level “shouldn’t happen”…. Well, it’s happening and it worries me.

Any thoughts dear Reddit?

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