I did a take home sleep study due to consistent snoring problem and doctor said I have moderate sleep apnea. So I started using a CPAP machine. Now it’s been 3 nights.

The first night was really bad. Nose feels blocked all the time and every breathe takes a lot of effort. Kept waking up the completely exhausted the next day.

They suggested me to increase the moisture a little bit so I did for the second day. The breathing felt much better either due to higher moisture or getting more used to the thing. But I still woke up several times finding the mask leaking. Eventually I switched to sleeping on my back instead of sideways and got a long stretch of sleep without waking up. The next day I felt normal.

So I thought sleeping on my back did the trick. The third night I tried sleeping on my back from the beginning. But it turned out to be worse. I woke up more times finding the mask leaking. And in the morning I’m already feeling very tired.

I didn’t have the data for the first night but for the last two nights the AHI is between 1.3 and 2.2, mask fit is always 100%, large leak is shown as 0% (but each time I woke up I’m pretty sure it’s leaking, though I adjusted them each time).

I didn’t have problem falling asleep. It’s just the constant waking up and adjusting mask that’s completely exhausting me. Any tips? Like sleep position, how to adjust the mask, machine setup, etc.

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