Hi all,

First I hope everyone is staying healthy…

I’m 29 years old and about 6’1 , 300lbs. Bigger guy. I actually lost a ton of weight back in the day and got down to 180lbs, but have since slowly gained it back… it’s been hell.

Either way I have noticed for awhile I’m just tired during the day. My wife says I snore. I have headaches, that I cough up to being a caffeine headache, heart burn, etc. my wife has said though I have NEVER woken up to trying to breath, etc.

With covid going around, it scares the hell out of me that I feel tired a lot and have headaches during the day. My question is, is there a possibility I have slept apnea, and not wake up during the middle of the night? I know it’s Jess very curious, I should get a sleep study done, etc…

I just wanted to know what are some sign and symptoms you all saw, during the learning process.

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