I’ve been with the resmed p30 medium for a little over 2 months. The way my insurance does it, I can’t switch to a different mask til 3 months so at the end of April I can try different kind. I have discomfort with the p30, in particular I hate how it feels pressed against my cheeks, I have to have it tight for no leaks and it’s causing my bottom gums to hurt in the day from the pressure at night, and side sleeping is uncomfortable. Im a back and side sleeper. I’ve recently started using a homemade liner which has helped a lot with leaks and skin discomfort, but my pillow still presses against mask pushing it to the side, which causes leaks around the nose area

I am thinking of switching to a nasal pillow mask as they seem more minimal. I like the idea of the tube on top of my head vs in front of my face, I believe this would be more comfortable when side sleeping.

I’m in Houston, Tx and use a company called Monitor Medical. This is their lineup:


Can some with similar experience give me some pointers and/or reccomend me one of those nose pillow masks?

Thank you.

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