I just completed an at home sleep study. I am 28 yr old female. Healthy weight with only autoimmune issues.

My study showed I only have 5.4 episodes an hour and 6 of my total episodes of the night were central and the rest obstructive.

The sleep Dr said my weight is normal and she didn’t think I had any apnea to be worried about. I pressed her due to my awful fatigue and spouse complaining about my snoring and jerking at night. she allowed me to try a cpap.

I picked up my cpap today and the person there went over my results with me. She stated my episodes were mild and barely “positive” but that my oxygen frequently dropped in the 70s with my lowest being 78.

Is the low oxygen not important or is it more important?

I left my appts with more questions than answers today.

Would love some clarification if anyone knows the answers to how this works.

Thank you

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