Issued a ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet (mask ResMed AirFit F20, which is the full face mask, with front clipping tube) last week. I was told the machine is more of an APAP, due to I don’t need continual pressure like a CPAP, but the machine detects when I need more pressure and enacts accordingly. Range of 4-15 pressure.

The first few nights went ok, but I am having a lot of difficulty with finding a good sleeping position – I was primarily a side sleeper before and every attempt now shifts my mask to where it starts seeping air. I’ve tried tightening the mask, loosening it, etc.. no change. I’ve resulted in sleeping on my back (which I read you should try to avoid if you have apnea), but I am super uncomfortable and result in only using the mask for a few hours, then taking it off.

Any suggestions/advice would be helpful. I can look at a new mask after my initial 30 days (due to insurance), so I may have to tough it out until then. Thanks!

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