Hi all,

I’m sure you get a million posts like this. Just joined the group but I’ve lurked for a few days now searching this sub as much as possible.

I have been tired, exhausted, zombie like, etc forever, since like high school. No matter how much sleep I got and boy did I sleep a lot, I was always tired. I’ve been in great shape for awhile now, I strength train and have been lifting weights for 10 years now. I am not obese but my BMI is 30, I’m ~15% bodyfat conservatively guessing, but from what I know, regardless of if it’s muscle or not it’ll make apnea worse. And it’s definitely gotten worse the bigger I got.

It’s gotten to the point where my first couple hours of the day are useless. I cannot think, I cannot talk, I merely exist. I work from home and I really don’t get working until a few hours after I’m supposed to. Luckily I bust my ass the remaining hours and still do well but Even then I start nodding off here and there despite having caffeine. And I really limit my caffeine bc it doesn’t even help tons so I’m not gonna take more than needed.

I’m in Recovery, been sober 8 months now. And not the first time getting sober either. And the times I got sober in the past even when it was for over a year I’d still be soooo tired. I felt like there was something wrong with me. I’ve dealt with depression. Sometimes very severe. Anyway I’m just so happy I finally have an answer. I always suspected I had but was always so tired and lazy to get tested lol. Ironic I know. They are mailing me the results so I don’t have numbers for you guys but they said moderately severe

Anyways I’d love to hear success stories on how it has changed your life around for the better whether it was lots or little. How has it affected your fitness. For those who struggled with addiction, has it helped there. Thanks guys

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