I have been on CPAP for 5 yrs. Although my numbers and OSCAR data are good, I never feel rested. My life is pretty clean, I am fit, eat right , etc. My sleep hygiene is good, and no booze or caffeine in my diet. I put a lot of effort into being healthy. When I was actually diagnosed I surprised the doc because I don’t fit the typical SA patient profile. Where/what is the next step? I have heard of UARS and that may be my problem, but can’t get a doc to say anything other than “well CPAP therapy works for that too.” Another lab sleep study is out of the question. I literally can’t sleep with all that crap on me and someone watching me. Should I do a watchPAT study with my mask on to see if it is actually doing anything?? Find a new doc?

My sleep study years ago showed an AHI of 13.1 and RDI of 24.9.

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