I have the AirSense 10 I got a week ago. I’m having no issues with falling asleep, discomfort, or mask leaks. The data on the app says it’s working, with my average “events” per hour between 3-4. My sleep study had it at 74.

The problem I’m having is staying asleep. I’m waking up between 5-7 times per night. I’m also noticing saliva(?) buildup at the bottom of the mask each time I wake up. I’m a side sleeper and I occasionally have nights where my back gets sore and I have to keep switching sides- that’s been happening almost every night with the mask so I’m wondering if my head being in a different position because of the mask has something to do with it.

Last night I fell asleep while laying down and browsing my phone so I never ended up using the CPAP- I only woke up 2 times.

Any advice?

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