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No oxygen dips, but heart rate rises into the 140s? – iDunmed

I just completed my home sleep study and am awaiting the results.

I did the oximeter test on its own several weeks ago and I just got a letter which gave me more info. Basically it says that I only had an average dip of 1% each hour, mean spo2 was 97%. However, several times my heart rate increased to the 140s during the night… my normal HR when falling asleep was low 60s… in fact about 8-10 times, my HR shot up to 140s

What I don’t understand is, if this Is apnea, why would my heart rate be so high if my blood oxygen levels are fine?

From my understanding, the heart rate spikes in SA patients bevause the blood oxygen dips. But mine wasn’t dipping, so why would it go high?

Also, my blood pressure was 144/79 which was deemed as high.

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