hi folks – i have a auto bipap machine that auto titrates. I also have a Resmed F30I Full Face Mask. Last night I woke up at around 320 or so because I could not breathe through my nose. My nostrils were clamped shut and I couldnt open them. This happened twice that I can recall, and scared the heck out of me. I realize i could have breathed through my mouth, but in my sleep I couldnt control that function. I woke up, used Saline nasal spray thinking my nose was dry.

I talked to my DME and they think the pressures were too high. I called my doctor and Im waiting for a call back to discuss.

questions for the community:

  1. Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. Im thinking this is extremely dangerous. Am i over reacting?
  3. Should I use a breathe strip to keep my nostrils open tonight?
  4. Or should I stop my machine usage until I hear from my doctor.
    1. Uncontrolled my AHI is 47.3
  5. I use OSCAR, but dont know how to use it enough to pinpoint what happened. im happy to post screenshots etc.

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