I lie in bed next to my partner with obstructive sleep apnea. He hasa cpap. It’s set too high that he can’t exhale. He had a terrible experience getting the damn thing in the first place so he avoids returning to the doctor and conveniently never think to call during the open hours. So he doesn’t use the machine at all. So here I am at 4am listening to him. He chokes for 22 seconds, then takes 6 breaths, if he only chokes for 15 seconds than he only takes 3-4 breaths before choking again, if he chokes for 25 seconds then he takes a big gasps before his 6 breaths. All I can is lie here and listen to this. When I attempt to wake him to roll onto his side I’m met with venom on the awakening.

I know this isn’t a support group but I’m out of ways to support him right now.

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