Trying to seek help and not just tell a TIFU / AITA story, but this is a tipping point for me to see if this is an issue or I’m just a grumpy dick in the morning.

Both of my parents have sleep apnea and use cpap machines. Mother has been diagnosed and using stimulants for 20+ years. I have been told it’s hereditary and I need to see if I caught the lucky genes.

I’ve been living with my partner for 1.5 years and I’ve been known to talk in my sleep.

Growing up my parents noticed that I was “sleep drunk” waking up in the mornings. Speaking incoherent sentences and stuff that doesn’t make sense.

I try to get 6-8hrs of sleep every night and don’t frequently drink alcohol before bed, especially if I know I need the sleep.

A few weeks ago on a camping trip I fell asleep in the same bed as a friend and at some point in the morning (have no clue when) I said something to the extent of calling my friend a, “dirty fucking dog” which they were a bit concerned, but my partner was there and explained I talk in my sleep and it was about my actual dog back at home who does like to roll around in the dirt and come inside, hence a literally dirty dog.

That was kind of funny and we all moved on. But this morning I fucked up.

My partner snores and we both are cuddlers. They like to fall asleep early and I stay up late. Tragic, but we make it work. Last night they were doing a wonderfully adorable combination of the two and I figure I would send them a video of their snores, kind of as a cute silly thing to show it happened. I send them the video, roll over and fall asleep.

Cue this morning, we’re waking up and I’m as per usual half asleep and dead to the world until I’m up, moving, and have a cup of coffee. My partner is watching the video of themselves snoring and rolls over to wake me up. They said, “In the video I look like a fat fish”, and for some reason my reply was, “Baby, you don’t look like a fat fish, you look like a fat fuck.”

No clue why I would say anything like that. It’s pretty out of character for me and I know it hurt my partner. We’re working through it and I never want to say anything that hurts her, even if it’s in my sleep.

I’ve known that I need to do a sleep study and see if sleep apnea is something I struggle with.

Any thoughts? Does anyone else say/do things that gets worse with sleep apnea? Am I just a massive asshole when I’m half asleep?

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