I just wanted to drop some hope for you all. I was diagnosed with Severe chronic obstructive sleep apnea about 5 years ago. Even when I was younger I used to saw logs, but around the time I was diagnosed, I would wake up extremely tired, with a dry mouth, shit breath, and a film around my lips. I was extremely tired. My gf at the time noted that I would occasionally stop breathing for up to a minute in my sleep. Many nights I would wake up choking and vomiting. My life was miserable, stress was at an all time high. I even had co-workers worried about my safety at work. (We were allowed to take naps when not responding to calls… I was an Emt) and one of my partners told me that I turned blue on the couch.

I also ended up losing a dream job because I overslept because I couldn’t get any restful sleep. When I finally got my initial sleep study done, I had over 200 apnea’s per hour with my oxygen saturation also dropping below 70% several times. Along with sounding like a bulldozer one minute and dead another. It was one of the most extreme cases they saw. I have been on a CPAP AND Bi-pap since about 2 weeks ago.

Before I get into how I got off of it. I just wanted to let you guys know when I was dx’ed with OSA I weighed about 250 and continued to gain until I hit 350.

Now the fun begins. I started searching for ways to get cured of this horrible affliction. I got my tonsils, adenoids, and uvula removed/reduced (I had stage 4 tonsillitis) this helped a little, at the next sleep study, my apnea’s were reduced to 150 or so per hour. Still, a significant improvement. Didn’t really notice any changes in the quality of sleep since I was still reliant 90% of the time on CPAP but some nights I was able to sleep without it and had restful sleep and no snoring. Let me reiterate, only some nights and on seldom occasion.

Now the biggest change came with losing 80 pounds. I’m down to 270 as of today and I have been completely off the CPAP for a week. I have been monitoring my sleep with an app called snore lab. And I was shocked. My breathing is almost normal. I only heard 3 snores in a night which were also very mild. Probably wouldn’t even draw attention. I still wake up refreshed, my mouth isn’t dry, and my breath is the normal morning breath lol.

The 1st week I only used the CPAP twice. Last week up until today. I haven’t used it at all. I have never felt better. With more energy, confidence, and even a willingness to do more. I attribute much of my success to running. I started my weight loss journey in October 2020 and am down to 270 as of today. I really believe that running and losing weight and in particular, the breathing required to run is what got me to this point. I also switched to a keto diet, and while there are neurological benefits to Keto, I don’t know how much it contributes other than to the weight loss factor. I am currently running 2-3 5k’s per week. I’m slow but can’t wait to get faster and run longer (currently run them in about 30min)

I plan to keep this healthier lifestyle for the rest of my life. Once I hit my goal weight of 200 I will get another sleep study done to confirm the results. I just know that I’m cured or close to being cured and I wanted to share my story with you all and I hope that what worked for me will help someone else.

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