Long and venting. Tldr: AHI of 136.4 and nadir O2 sat of just 53%.

I’ve always had problems with snoring. 6 years ago I had lost 100 lbs (260 lbs >160 lbs) and got into incredible shape running and doing krav maga. I actually went to a cardiologist because my resting heart rate had dropped down to just 35 BPM; only to find that my transformation basically gave me the heart conditioning similar to that >!!<of an Olympic athlete (doctor’s words, not mind).

Then I fell. Literally. I busted my ankle for the billionth time (I have extreme lax ligaments, so I’m prone to ankle sprains and other injuries). But this time I got depressed about not being able to run. Then I gained weight. I gained 115 lbs.

Now, just 6 years later I have sleep apnea. I was diagnosed today (sleep study was on Friday) with an AHI of 136.4 and nadir O2 saturation of just 53%. During the sleep study, they put me on a CPAP and then later switched that to a bipap because I met emergency protocols for immediate treatment. With the CPAP, my AHI dropped to 40.3 and my O2 saturation came up to 74%. My wife is a PA and said to me that I’m basically giving myself brain damage every night with hypoxia. She’s right.

I’m 36 years old. I feel like I’m pretty much screwed as far as getting to live a decent long life at this rate. My dad died at 58. His dad was 56. And I’m not so sure that losing the weight again will fix things either, though I am trying nonetheless.

Sorry for the long whiny post, but I just needed to vent.

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