Ts been only one week, Can’t believe the difference, can’t believe that I lived with sleep apnea, can’t work out exactly how long (definitely 5 years, though may go back even further) everything feels different. My partner of 15 years even says she has noticed the difference. Still processing, my main issue now is work. I work at home on the computer, though my output did not magically double overnight I have in a week already noticed substantial difference. Before I started I always felt I had done a mental round with Mike tyson, work was like trying to move through treacle, after 8 hours I was drained, output was poor. I was at the stage where I had to seriously think about coming out the industry I am in. Not now, no stress, no anxiety, no brain lock, no effort, after 8 hours of work I feel fresh and not knackered, though the majority of tasks this week I have been doing has taken a lot of computing power so it’s the machine that’s running slowly and not me. I am going to have to speak to my boss and explain I have discovered the reasons for my poor performance as I have only been working for them for 3 months. I have changed jobs numerous times this past two years as I believed my poor performance was due to stress, taken what I considered less stressful jobs to improve performance, I now know differenty. Any advice on how to broach the subject with my boss.

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