Just got my prescription, had some questions earlier this week about what it meant (got them answered) – I used Lofta to get the Watchpat test, and I’m ready to purchase….thats where the trouble starts.

Not using insurance because my deductibles are sky high and I don’t want to rent a machine.

Lofta offered a “Rightstart” package with the Aircurve 10 VAuto, heated tubing, heated humidifer, travel bag, mask of my choice, and a years worth of filters for $1788.

However, over at Cpap Supplies, I found the same exact equipment, including the filters for a year, with a coupon code, for $1354.50. The only difference is I don’t get the “Rightstart” package…

So I need opinions, is Rightstart worth it? I searched the subreddit for reviews, but there weren’t a lot of them…. What say you?

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