So I have mild-moderate sleep apnea from tests, but I feel like my problem is not entirely the apnea, but the fact that I wake up so easily. I have been using CPAP without benefit for up to a month at a time (I’ve tried it multiple times though) and I typically end up feeling worse.

The problem in my opinion is that I simply wake up from the slightest closing of my throat, or possibly even that I am simply holding my breath. I only have insomnia in the second half of the night, when I become consciously aware of my throat just starting to close and I immediately wake up. Some nights I will notice this happening 50+ times, and it seems to be more noticable depending on possibly anxiety or stress, not sure. But CPAP does nothing because once my throat closes I immediately wake up or too early for the CPAP to respond correctly. Btw, I tried increasing the minimum autoset pressure but my stomach gets pumped with air all night. Typically the auto pressure will go to 11. I tried to increase the minimum pressure to 11, but then the autoset put it to 16. I’m pretty sure it’s because I subconsciously hold my breath while I’m sleeping.

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