I have severe sleep apnea. And I snore, even with CPAP.

I’ve had CPAP for 15 years, and it’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older and fatter. Over the years of not having insurance, I bought replacement CPAP machines without an Rx. I’ve slowly inched up the pressure as needed, based on how I felt and also what my wife says about my snoring-through-mask levels. It’s been at 20 (highest setting) for awhile.

I have insurance now and had a new sleep study done 6-8 months ago. The report said my apnea was controlled at 9. I tried it there. Can’t even breathe, really. Ridiculous. I inch it back up night after night and end up right back at 20. And I’m still snoring a bit.

After consultation with a dentist about future jaw surgery, and spending time focusing on what I feel my body actually doing when I am falling asleep, I thought I would try using one of those jaw-advancement oral appliances along with CPAP.

It works, yo.

I do not snore anymore. I’ve turned the pressure on the machine down from 20 to 15, and will try to go lower. The high pressure was causing severe gas/bloating in the morning, which is now gone.

I’m dealing with some jaw discomfort now, but that seems manageable.

I got this one: https://www.vitalsleep.com/products/vitalsleep-snoring-mouthpiece
I do not know if another one would be better or whatever, and it isn’t perfect, so this isn’t a strong endorsement for this one in particular. But the basic idea seems sound.

Also – *before* I did this I talked to my (new to me) sleep doctor (at STANFORD) and they acted like this was basically a silly idea and wouldn’t help at all. So. You know – doctors don’t know everything, I guess.

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