Please consider completing this 3-minute survey on the correlation between health issues and orthodontic treatment that included the extraction of teeth. The author of this survey is close to reaching 1,000 responses and will be publishing the results once they reach 1,000 responses. The treatment is referred to as premolar extraction and retraction orthodontics, often with elastic bands or retractive headgear. Many receive this treatment in their adolescent years and develop health symptoms gradually over time and do not correlate symptoms with their oral and airway deficiencies. For adolescents who already had underdeveloped jaws not large enough to fit all their teeth in alignment, the removal of teeth and retraction forces can lead to even smaller jaws, reduced space for the tongue and restricted airway. This can lead to TMJ problems, speech, swallowing and airway restrictions, which often manifest as obstructive sleep apnea while sleeping and mouth breathing during the day (night too) which impacts the metabolism and overall health.…/1FAIpQLSfES0DTiu4DxU…/viewform

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