Hello all!

Diagnosed Rem and positional osa, but with AHI of ~2 and RDI ~10 (goes to 18.7 when on my back), realized it UARS.

Lofta Dr prescribed APAP set to 4-20 (thanks doc 🙄) bought Resmed AutoSet for Her and a F30 and a N30i to try out.

Im a side sleeper, i move a lot, and I tend to mouth breathe.

Upped my min pressure to 6 the 1st night due to air hunger, ramp off.

Ive been having a hard time falling asleep on it and have been unable to stay asleep. Ive been able to keep it on 5-6 hrs but thats it, and sleep has been fragmented.

Night 1 (March 10th): used F30, cushion is probably too big, but i tried anyway. Pressure 6-20, EPR 3. Took forever to fall asleep, ended up leaking a bunch and took it off around 2 or 3am.

Night 2 (March 11th): used N30i, way more comfortable, taped mouth closed with somnifix. Pressure 6-20, EPR 3. Slept better but still not great, took over an hour to fall asleep. Woke up to mouth leak in tape slit, took it off and went back to sleep.

Night 3 (March 12th): used N30i, taped with somnifix and piece of surg tape up and down (though looking back i could have improved the positioning, it later led to a mouth leak). Pressure 6.4-18, EPR 2 (feels better than 3?) Took a while to fall asleep again, woke a few times, septum was hurting because I overtightened the mask i think. Loosened it and it helped. Ended up with a mouth leak around 3 and gave up.

So far I prefer the N30i in terms of comfort, but udk if a full mask may be better.

It seems like a wake when the pressure ramps due to flow limits (reras?) but im a newb at reading these so idk.

Any suggestions as to how I can improve my treatment?

Cant due professional titration due to insurance cost, try to see at least some improvement to my ability to adapt to it since I have a 30 day period to return it. Not expecting immediate results, just hoping to be able to actually sleep with it so I can determine if its the right treatment for me.

Thanks in advance!



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